Welcome to Metalville!


The Music-Label Metalville was found in late 2008. 
e were absolutely unhappy with the current label situation including the deals that were offered to the artists.
Labels with up to 200 bands where nobody really cares about the music and the people behind it. It´s all about the money.

We remember the music business from back in the days - the good days and our goal is to do it that way.

Most importantly it´s about fair deals for the artists because our musicians need a chance to survive.

We would like you to be open minded.
There are bands signed with Metalville that are maybe not typical `metal` but who really cares? At the end it´s all good rock music. 
We work with what we like and the music comes first.

Maybe and we hope that you will like it here!


                                 We believe - in the end the music will survive!